• Strategy Development and Alignment

    Our strategy development and alignment process allows clients to understand their business environment, confirm their business purpose, review current operations and to create an implementable and aligned plan for immediate implementaion.

  • Process Design and Development

    The focus of this service is to assist clients to establish new operational capabilities, through the development of the new processes, procedures, structures and operating models.

  • Process Documentation and Standardisation

    Another of our core offerings is the documentation and standardisation of existing processes, procedures, structures and operating models for established organisations. This is usually done in centrally accessible, secure repository, thus providing one source of information for the various stakeholders who depend on this information.

  • Process Improvement and Optimisation

    Our core offering is Operations Improvement, which we deliver via our TPI™ framework. This is made up of 4 complementary services that together enable the achievement of significantly improved and optimised operations.

  • Project Resourcing

    Rethink regularly provides its clients with experienced Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Project Management and Program Management resources to compliment their own capacity in times of need.

Who We Are?

Rethink is a Performance Improvement consultancy that works with businesses to solve operational problems, improve control and bring down costs.

Rethink’s core value proposition is to work with its clients in identifying, planning and executing operational performance improvement initiatives, in order to achieve operational performance excellence. Major benefits include increased revenue, reduced costs, improved customer experience and improved compliance and control.

The company has been in existence for over eighteen years, with a track record that includes many projects with several blue chip organisations in South Africa and internationally. Many of these clients have used Rethink on multiple repeat projects.