Process Documentation and Standardisation

Whilst many organisations have invested effort and cost over time in documenting processes and SOP’s, the information (particularly the process information) is often non-value adding for the reasons that it is often:

  • out of date – often done for a past project
  • incomplete – only certain areas documented
  • not shared - only accessible to the authors who created the documentation
  • not standardised – documented using different tools and standards, only understood by the authors who created the documentation

Rethink specialises in assisting organisations to document their full business process scope, from management processes for controlling the business, to the core operational processes for executing the core activities of the company, and then to the support processes that keep the operations functioning smoothly.

The approach followed by Rethink is focused on building a central process repository that addresses the above issues and serves the needs of multiple stakeholders in the company, such as:

  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • HR – Job Design and Evaluation
  • Training
  • Systems
  • Process and Operational Improvement

In order to ensure the success of these projects, Rethink provides the following core assistance:

  • Developing the documentation standards to be followed, so as to ensure that all processes have the same look and feel, are decomposed using the same levels and level of detail, and that the processes are easily understood and locatable
  • Guidance in terms of ensuring that the process repository serves the needs of the broad range of stakeholders and so gains broad support via providing the planned benefits
  • Guidance in terms of the measures, structures and support processes required to ensure that the process repository becomes and ongoing value adding facility
  • Providing a team of experienced resources to assist with implementing a first phase of the repository so that the value of the facility can be demonstrated early on in order to gain broad buy-in for full implementation
  • Training of client resources who will maintain the repository on an ongoing basis

The outcome is an established BPM (business process management) capability comprising a repository of all process flow diagram / process flow chart and operational information that ensures standardisation of processes, and enables improvements in the areas of risk and compliance monitoring, training, job evaluation and operational effectiveness.

Rethink is agnostic wrt BPM tools (business process management tools) and business process management software, working with leading business process documentation tools, business process mapping tools, business process modelling tools such as ARIS, Nimbus, Visio and several others. Rethink typically suggests its own tried and tested standard, but is also able to follow other standards such as IDEF and BPMN.

Key skills required to deliver this service include identifying every process flow diagram required, and the related process mapping / process documentation.

Rethink is an accredited of TibcoNimbus business partner.

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